The brand is mainly an online service through FlatComm Real Estate.

We specialise in the quick resale of apartments.

Nicknamed “The Resaler”

These apartments have often been bought a few years ago and now the purchaser’s circumstances have changed and they no longer want to settle on the property.

There are advantages to both the seller and the buyer.


For the seller, we charge no upfront marketing fees. Their property is sold on a “No Sale, No Charge” basis. There is only one fee once the property settles.

Further, as the property has now been resold they don’t have to settle.


It is well know that normally the best apartments sell first when a project is sold.

Buyers can get some of these great apartments as the original purchasers now no longer wish to settle.

Often the apartments have been bought off the plan a couple of years ago. This means a smart buyer can buy a great apartment at a great price. Many times, the original purchaser will want the property sold at the original purchase price. This means as a buyer you are getting a good apartment at a price paid two years ago.

At there always deals.

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